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Sometimes it becomes very difficult to deal with tenants that are becoming difficult to handle. They might not end up paying the rent or start becoming destructive to towards your property. Even if discussing the problems in a civilized manner has not helped you out, then there are a few options left for you. From outside, you can use the services of a legal firm and that of a locksmith firm to change or rekey the locks. An eviction service like ours will help you change the locks while your tenant is away or help you rekey the locks immediately after a tenant has left the apartment or the building. We understand the problems that you face due to a difficult tenant and provide reliable eviction services anywhere in the East Orange, NJ area.

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Your tenant might not take an eviction process pleasantly. They might try to force entry into the home by using an old key. To avoid such a possibility of a break - in attempt, a homeowner should take proper steps. The best way to counter such a possibility is to rekey all the locks in your premises so that any attempt of unauthorized entry using old keys is rendered futile. Get in touch with us and our experts will rekey your locks in a single session so that you don’t have to worry about an evicted tenant.

What if the tenant hasn’t left the property?

Evicting a tenant that has not left your property becomes a little tricky. You cannot simply call up a locksmith firm and ask them to change or rekey the locks. You need relevant court orders and sometimes the presence of a government official. If you have the official backing and if you have all your legal procedures in place and sorted, you can simply call an eviction service. Our professionals will rekey or change the lock in the presence of the official and your tenant won’t be able to access the property again.

We don’t want you to suffer because of a shady ex – tenant or an angry tenant not leaving your beloved home. That is why we provide 24/7 service anywhere in East Orange, NJ. Simply call us on 973-500-3017.